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26 Apr 2016

My Denture Expert


We are a Sedation Referral Clinic in Hertfordshire, Watford, which means we accept referral from other dentists to carry our sedation and implants for their patients. We are easily accessible by road or public transport. We are only 15-20 minutes away from North West...


How much do implants cost?


A fully restored single tooth implant with a white crown starts from just £1350. We offer various implant systems and options, all affordable within your budget. We also offer a pay monthly plan. If you require additional treatment then we w...

4 Dec 2014

The Ultimate Guide to Mini Dental Implants in Watford by your Watford Dentist


Guide to Mini Dental Implants, Mini Dental Implants in Watford by your Dentist in Watford


Are you missing one or more teeth? Having trouble with your dentures?
Mini dental implants may be...

18 Nov 2014

There are a variety of reasons why a denture may get loose. For instance, if you have had a denture made too soon after a tooth extraction, or have lost weight, you may end up with a loose denture and all the discomfort that follows.


When your teeth become loose, your...

11 Nov 2014

Having dental implants is a great way to replace missing teeth. However, in order to be able to enjoy a long-lasting smile, it is important you mind their hygiene. Caring for your natural teeth is nothing different than caring for your dental implants, so thorough oral...

4 Nov 2014



If you have missing teeth, then the most appropriate natural-looking solution is to consider dental implant treatment. Despite the relatively high cost that prevents many people from going after this solution, Herts Dental offers an enticing package which includes a...

31 Oct 2014

Anyone with dentures knows that giving them proper care can help avoid unnecessary and potentially costly repairs and damage to the underlying gums. The health of your mouth is very important and keeping up good oral hygiene contributes towards maintaining full or part...

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