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Video demonstrating how implant dentures work

I have all/most of my teeth missing in my jaw. What are my options?


There are many treatment variables, both with fixed and removable teeth. Each option is dependent on the patient’s financial budget and what is possible in their mouth. Your Denture Expert will be happy to discuss more at the time of your consultation.


There are variations with each treatment modality, but these are the main ones we offer:


  • Denture only

  • Denture supported by 2 implants

  • Denture supported by 4 implants

  • Denture supported by 4 implants and a bar

  • Fixed teeth supported by 4 implants

  • Fixed teeth supported by 6 implants

  • Fixed teeth supported by individual implants


As a general rule, the more implants you have placed, the more secure your false teeth will fit in. The number of implants which need to be used to replace your missing teeth depend on varying factors:


  • Your budget

  • Your smile aesthetics

  • The final aesthetic outcome desired

  • The quantity of your jawbone

  • The quality of your jawbone

  • Anatomical features such as the extent of your sinuses and where your nerves are positioned (inferior alveolar and mental nerves in particular)

  • Whether you would like a stable denture (which is "rock-solid" but still removable) or if you would like fixed implant teeth (non-removable)

  • Your oral hygiene factors

  • Any pre-existing periodontal disease ("gum disease")



Case example


The bad teeth were removed and the extraction sites healed in a few days. Immediately after the procedure, the patient was given a temporary denture so that she did not leave our clinic without her smile. A further period of three months was observed to allow new bone to grow into the area where the teeth had been extracted. Four implants were placed which acted as the male components. A new denture was made to house 4 female components. The male and female components locked together to provide denture stability.

dental implant

The upper front teeth have moved considerably and have very poor aesthetics. This is compromising the patient’s smile, confidence, speaking and eating abilities.

dental implant
dental implant

This picture shows where the teeth have been removed

This image shows the same patient’s upper palate and a nicely healed gum area

dental implant
dental implant
dental implant

Four implants where tucked neatly under the gum in the upper jaw. The protruding gold components are attached to the underlying implants. The denture will fit over these gold components, thus providing maximum stability and comfort whilst eating.

The upper denture is attached to the gold components and is very stable. A conventional partial denture was also made in the lower arch.

Final result: happy patient at smile position