Cheap Dental Implants

Cheap Dental Implants- Are they for me?

Cheap Dental Implants


You may have seen on the internet that the cost of dental implants ranges from an unbelievable low price of £390 all the way up to £20,000+. Now, let us break down the components of a single tooth dental implant crown. It is made up of three components:

The prices for a cheap dental implant may start from £400, but it may not include all the components for the fully restored implant crown. If the placement of a dental implant is complex, say if you have limited bone, then you also need to factor in costs such as bone grafting or sinus augmentation. It is important to ask the dentist which components are included within the price which has been advertised.



Implant Deals


You may be able to find implant deals on the internet. It is important to know which implant system is used. Ask your implant dentist about how commonly used is their implant system and if there are many dentists in the UK who use this particular brand. Worldwide, there are 1000's of implant companies and systems and some have bespoke instruments for that particular brand of implant.


Cheap dental implants do osseo-integrate (fuse) with your jaw bone and you may be lucky to find a good deal on implants. But there are "cheap" implants which belong to implants companies with no long standing history. It is a bit like buying a car. If the car manufacturer is no longer in business then it may be difficult to get hold of spare parts. If you have a problem with your dental implant a few years down the line and your original dentist isn't available then you need someone who is familiar with that particular brand of implants. A long established company's implants components usually have a premium price on them.


At MyDentureExpert, we use high quality implants brands. When you have your implant treatment we will give you imformation on the brand of implant so that you know exactly what you have got. If for some reason there is a problem with your implant, then please come and see us. But if you happen to move to a different part of the country (or world) then you can "Google" the implant brand and search for local dentists in that area who use the same implant system.



Full mouth dental check up


Before you have treatment, our implant dentist will check if an implant can be placed in the missing tooth region. It is not a case of just placing an implant without checking the rest of your mouth, adjacent and opposite teeth. At MyDentureExpert, our implant dentist will assess various aspects prior to recommending an implant. Such aspects may include:


Surgical aspect


  • Is there enough jaw bone to actually house the implant screw?

  • Which length of implant can be placed?

  • Which diameter of implant can be placed?

  • Is the jaw bone weak or is it strong?

  • Does the patient need a bone graft?

  • Does the patient need bone augmentation?

  • Does the patient need a sinus lift?

  • Will 2-dimensional x-rays help plan the case or would 3-Dimensional imaging, such as a CT scan, be required?

  • Is implant treatment even an option for the patient? Are the alternative forms of treatment available?


Aesthetics- what will the final result look like?


  • Does the patient require diagnostic work?

  • Can we make a mock denture or template so that the patient can visualise the final result before committing to treatment?

  • Does the patient require soft tissue surgery?

  • Does the patient require a bone graft to fill in the void left by missing bone?


Restorative aspect


  • Is there enough space to make a nice looking implant crown? We don't want the final result to look like a baby tooth!

  • Does the patient require addition work for their worn down teeth to be built up?

  • Does the patient clench or grind their teeth? This may put extra load on to the implant tooth, which is not ideal. Can the implant dentist modify same aspects of the existing teeth to eliminate this extra load?

  • Is the rest of the mouth healthy or is work required prior to implant treatment?

  • Your dentist must have good knowledge on restorative dentistry


Existing condition of teeth and gums


  • Does the patient have good oral health?

  • Does the patient have active gum disease (periodontal disease)?

  • Are there broken down teeth which need to be fixed first?

  • Implant treatment is best carried out in a healthy mouth


The patient's budget


  • Have you got a budget in mind? Tell us your budget and we can work out a treatment plan suited to your needs.

  • Would you like to pay in stages? At MyDentureExpert, you have this option. 

  • Would you like to Pay Monthly? At MyDentureExpert, you can spread the cost of your care anytime from 6 months to 5 years.


Aside from experience and providing gentle dental care, one of the other things you should judge your implant dentist on is communication. They should listen to your concerns and be able to answer any queries which you may have. At MyDentureExpert, we will ensure that you understand what treatment options are available to you along with the associated fees.



Should I go abroad for cheap dental implants?


It all depends on the dentist planning your case. Implant treatment isn't always straight forward and you may have to return for continuing care during the treatment. As mentioned above, communication is the key to a healthy dentist-patient relationship. If you are considering having dental treatment abroad, make sure you know what your options are if something doesn't go according to plan.



Cheap Dental Implants- Are they for me?


As you can see, there are many aspects which the dentist and patient both need to consider when planning treatment. It is not always a simple case of having straight forward implant treatment. Bad teeth may have to be removed and you may consider wearing a temporary appliance whilst the jaw bone regenerates. At MyDentureExpert, if a patient requires multiple dental implants, we usually plan extensively to ensure the rest of the mouth is healthy prior to implant treatment. It is a bit like planning to build a house. You may have a great builder, but if the architect hasn't drawn up the plans correctly or have no plan at all, then the builder may find it very difficult to build your dream home. Planning is the key for the success of any form of dental treatment.


If you do require extensive work or multiple implants, we can offer package deals.


So to summarise:


  • Ask which implant system is going to be used

  • What guarantees are in place? At MyDentureExpert, we guarantee our work.

  • Why are the implants cheap? There may be a genuine reason for the special offer.

  • Does the cost of the implants reflect the planning stages?

  • Does it include any additional procedures, such as bone grafting and sinus augmentation?

  • How much is the initial consultation? At MyDentureExpert, you can book a FREE initial consultation.

  • A good implant dentist will only offer you the treatment after a thorough examination of your mouth. Your alternative options should also be discussed.